Summer Greetings from Waterford Psychology Assessment Service

Summer Greetings

Welcome to the Waterford Psychology message this holiday

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ASD assessment from 295.00 plus 150 for report

So we all have a bit of time on our hands over the holidays to catch up on all the things we wanted to do for ages.

If an assessment is a top priority for 2016 to get the resources and help your little one needs for next year, then be aware that the funding deadline is fast approaching for September 2016.  After this date it will be next spring when your report can be considered again.

Be on the lookout for social concerns over the holiday period do they shy away too much? Seem to be overwhelmed? Prefer to be off on their own?

Are you concerned about speech development when you think of this time last year did you expect more progress by now?

Is there any clumsiness tripping over that you find difficult to explain a lack of co-ordination or balance?

It could be to just put your mind at ease or to chat about your concerns but try and do it early so we can help you with what you need.

Early intervention promotes the best outcomes we are constantly being told in the research for neurodevelopmental concerns regarding children and yet the waiting lists get longer.

At what age should you be thinking about interventions?  Well the research is very definite about the earlier the better as young brains develop throughout childhood and continue up until the teens.  Learned information gets processed and retained and pruning is influenced by environmental factors and is widely thought to represent learning.

Early intervention has many other benefits and will set the tone for your child’s later development.

An experienced professional is waiting to talk to you be it for Speech and Language Issues with an SLT Occupational functioning with an OT or a chat with Psychology Services.

087 387 6841