Private Autism Assessment – Why Children Need Early Intervention

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Being on an Autism public waiting list is a long and drawn out process. The children are not seen by the HSE for 3-7 years depending on where you live. Parents become aware of signs in children with possible ASD and they soon realise a private assessment is the only way forward, so they try and get early intervention this way. The decision to go for a private assessment is often how parents get their child’s needs met, rather than waiting on the ever increasing government lists. Which, by the way are currently now at over 12,000 children awaiting assessment for AON as of 2023. Which leads on to more consideration for a private Autism Assessment – Why children need early intervention

Why Children Need Early intervention …..

Early Intervention benefits children’s brain development

To get an early assessment while the child’s brain is still developing crucial skills, is the best possible course of action. We know this from many studies on children’s development with Autistic presentations. As your child grows they are less likely to respond to intervention. With speech development for example, as we know the critical window of opportunity for speech and language development occurs in the first 3 years of life. During those years the neurological connections for language development are formed. Autism is not a condition where you can wait and see. However do bear in mind that your child may have been laying down communication skills in this early period and is just not using language to express themselves yet. They could be pre verbal rather than non verbal as is often mistaken. Therefor the parent is faced with the knowledge that early intervention benefits children’s brain development, but no way to go about this as they have many obstacles to overcome before this can be done. call 087 387 6841

Assessment Prices

Prices vary in the private sector from around 600 to 3000 euros depending on the professional involved and the type of assessment it is. Do not be persuaded with providers who say that a one size fits all as every child has different needs.

You could be paying way over the odds for an assessment with parts that are not relevant to your child’s presentation. The important thing is for you to get the intervention your child needs. The intervention process should be the longest part not the assessment process. At Waterford our price is 575.00 for an Autism Assessment and we are taking bookings for the next few months, so do feel free to get in touch. Considering private Autism Assessment – Why children need early intervention. 087 387 6841

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