SECTION 32 Report Now Booking – Caroline Goldsmith

SECTION 32 Report Now Booking – Caroline Goldsmith

A Judge will order a section 32 Report now booking in order to make determination under the 1964 Guardian of Infants Act

  • the best interests of the child (Part A)
  • to hear the voice of the child   (Part B) 

SECTION 32 Report Now Booking – Caroline Goldsmith

Often the way to proceed in other reports, may involve the Court needing the Section 32 report. This is to make sure of the appropriate way to proceed in your family proceedings. Issues raised may also include consideration of three important matters;

Preventing a child having access – one parent may put obstacles to the other parent having access and visitation. This can be determined by an assessment of the parents and children. During the Section 32 process the clinician will determine what is going on within the family dynamic, that has made the process end up in court rather than in resolution.

SECTION 32 Report Now Booking – Caroline Goldsmith

Hearing the child’s voice – this is to hear the un-influenced voice of the child in the case. This is not so the child can dictate or parrot the wishes of any one parent. Rather, to hear what they have to say without fear of upsetting any parent or ‘taking a side’

Family Law Issues – considering the child’s legal and human rights to grow up with two parents. These matters are often clouded by the emotional attitudes of parents which are counter productive to the best interests of the child. The report will make evidence-based recommendations to ensure that the child has the best chance possible to grow up in a safe and happy environment for their best interests.

Only certain professionals can complete a Section 32 Report now booking including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social workers and Teachers. They should be qualified and experienced and able to address the reference questions to inform the court.

Time Frame for Section 32 report completion – We can complete a Section 32 Report ready for court in 60 days from the date of your appointment, whereby both parents and the child/ren will be seen.

Cost of Section 32 Report –  The cost for a Section 32 is 750.00. Call us today 087 387 6841

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