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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

How to get a Report and Services   See prices for the cost of assessment through direct referral                   

When you start the process of ASD assessment you will soon realise The Report is what everyone is asking for in order for your child to get the services treatments and interventions they need. The Report is the result of the ASD assessment and details what your child needs regarding treatment/interventions/resources.

The report is what comes out of an actual Autism Assessment.

You have 2 routes to the report

  1. State Assessment – Through the AON Process or other state services
  2. Private Assessment – Through direct referral

The Assessment of Need (AON) process

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After concerns are reported regarding ASD through your child’s teacher/health nurse/GP/local child clinic, they will be placed in a queue for an Assessment of Need or AON.  When the child receives the AON the results give a list of professionals your child needs to see – if any at all.

The AON process can have the following outcomes

1 Find grounds for further assessment and give onward referrals to various professionals such as OT, SLT and Psychology.

  1. No onward referrals and your child does not need further assessment.

In effect the AON is a screening process to see if the concerns raised need any further investigation.

AON IS NOT AN AUTISM ASSESSMENT.  IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD SERVICES OR RESOURCES.  All it does is tell the health service which professionals if any should see your child.

You can then be placed on the waiting list for those people.  Waiting lists vary up and down the country from 9 months to 5 years or over in some cases.  The average seems to be around 18 months to 2 years to be seen.

The Private Route

The private route offers parents the opportunity to have their child immediately assessed and a report given which entitles them to all the services/interventions/resources they require.

Children can be referred through their parents or another professional who has concerns.

A screening appointment can be set up to determine if an assessment is required and will be shortly followed by the actual assessment for Autism. (Some parents prefer to skip the screening as they have sufficient cause to warrant assessment)

A good private assessment will look at your child’s educational/cognitive functioning, adaptive behaviour and clinical evaluation of their needs.  They will consult with preschools/schools/other professionals and yourselves to gain a good all round idea of the child’s needs in various settings.

You will then receive The Report that entitles you to apply for the services your child needs.  See prices for the cost of assessment

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Caroline Goldsmith


Caroline Goldsmkith

Caroline Goldsmith is now on the practitioner board

To book a consultation ring  087 387 6841  info@waterfordpsychology.com

Caroline has been in private practice for over 15 years diagnosing and treating thousands of cases of Aspergers, Autism, ASD, ADHD and a full range of health conditions. This vast experience forms the basis of expertise in diagnostics and intervention.   Female Aspergers is a particular speciality, as this is often missed or misdiagnosed especially as girls mature and adapt.

Caroline has long been an advocate for the term neuro-diversity rather than dysfunction.

Currently involved in research through a London University in the newest field of psychology, termed ‘positive psychology’ Caroline finds it is very exciting to be involved in such a new and evolving field and  being part of shaping the future of the discipline.  The appeal of this new branch is the focus on what could be possible with optimum function, rather than the preoccupation with dysfunction which has been the case for over a century.  It is about the exploration of potential and what a person could possibly be capable of, rather than just identifying what they can’t do.


To book a consultation ring  087 387 6841  info@waterfordpsychology.com

Caroline was recently published in the Journal of Neurology and Stroke, stating “There is a suicidal crisis in Ireland which is very concerning and I wanted to investigate that and see if there was anything that could be done from an early age in school to prevent children from becoming hopeless.  My colleague and mentor Dr Tim Lomas was hugely influential and enabled a great framework with his clear direction to showcase positive psychology  ideas.”


Caroline Ward-Goldsmith MBPsS                                                                            Researcher MAPP – University of East London   

Read the article here…

Personal and Collective Resilience Building – a Suicide Prevention Program using Positive Psychology. Consultancy Project for an Irish Secondary School  – Caroline Ward-Goldsmith & Tim Lomas             JNSK March 2016