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Parental Capacity Assessment (PCA)

Parental Capacity Assessment (PCA)

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Caroline Goldsmith Consulting Clinical Psychologist at Waterford Psychology talks about the need for evidence based Parental Capacity Assessment (PCA)

In no other situation is the need for evidenced based practice more of an issue than with Parental Capacity Assessment (PCA).

When is a PCA necessary?

Families are referred for a PCA when the professionals involved with the family:

  • are unsure of a parent’s capacity.
  • have serious concerns but limited evidence to reach a definite decision about the long term future of the child(ren).
  • believe there is significant risk but there is potential for change and for the family to remain together.

What is involved?

PCAs are carried out either on a residential basis or in the home.

When a PCA is community based, parents are observed over a number of visits in their own home with their children or in access/contact facilities.

Components of Assessments

We are committed to providing a first class service and believe that the components of the assessment should include:

  • A comprehensive approach with both the psychological profiling of the families and frequent behavioural observations
  • Multiple observations and reporting over time
  • Residential or Home based
  • Efficient and timely approach
  • Independent
  • Comprehensive recommendations
  • Ongoing interventions when appropriate
  • Providing  a court witness and report

Who can request a PCA?

PCAs are often requested by TUSLA social workers, child protection teams, Guardian Ad Litem or Court services. You may not agree with the conclusions and recommendations which have been made.

We are happy to meet with you and go through the reports and explain the rationale behind them.

If you require a second opinion contact us to complete a second assessment.

Seeking an independent second opinion is your right in law.

Caroline Goldsmith is a proponent of best practice laid down by the International Association for the Study of Attachment (IASA)

The fee for the service and a payment plan can be discussed

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