The ASD Report for Services and Benefits

The Report is what will be produced after you have an Autism or other mental health assessment which could be for DARE, NLN or SENO or Carers Allowance.  Talk to a professional now 087 387 6841


Services and State Benefits you are entitled to with an ASD Report  087 387 6841

The Report is your Key to Services, it is needed to hand in with any application for either extra benefits such as domiciliary  carers allowance or services from the school, college or other agencies.

You may also be entitled to a free travel pass and medical card or other benefits if you or your child has a diagnosis of a mental health condition such as Autism or other condition.


For children the most important agency will be the SENO – Special Education Needs Officer and the state agency to apply for your allowances as a carer.   You can use your allowances for therapy with private services or anything that helps you or the child to live a fulfilled life. Approximately 300 euros a month at least.

Why is the ASD Report for Services and Benefits so important?

The report from the psychologist who does the assessment tells the people who work with you or your child what they have to do to help or to make their service work for you.

So for example it will give recommendations on how your child can best access the curriculum to keep up with their work or it can inform the school what your child can tolerate or what they have difficulties with.  Then the school can adjust their demands to accommodate them.

Is a diagnosis enough?

In a word NO.  All the diagnosis says is that you or your child have a certain condition.  It doesn’t give any details of what you or the child will need to access the school curriculum or services.  You need to have The Report and that is given after assessment.

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